Amazing Soccer Tricks in Dublin – Freestyle Football in Ireland


Irish Freestyle Football Champion Daniel Dennehy

Song by the band ‘AWAY’ –
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Directed and edited by Paul Kelly:

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my new album “FREE SPIRIT”:

my new e-book “The Business of Freestyle Football” here:

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This is the camera I use to record all of my videos:

What’s up homies my name is Daniel Dennehy – I’m a professional freestyle footballer and a music artist / producer from Dublin in Ireland

I travel the world performing at events and making vlogs for this channel!

My biggest achievement so far as a freestyler was finishing 2nd place at the Red Bull Street Style World Final in 2012 in Italy. Here’s the official highlights video from the competition:

….yep that’s me in the crazy colourful tie-dye tshirt haha!

Since then, I’ve been a well-known personality in the global scene and I’ve been invited to more than 30 countries around the planet showcasing my skills and meeting people from all walks of life.
I currently 24 years old and living in London, UK where I do freestyle football as a full time career.

A lot of new young fans also ended up finding me through this video I made with MiniMinter and the F2 Freestylers:

When I’m not doing freestyle, I’m following my other major passion in life which is making music! I’m a rapper, singer, producer, whatever you wanna call it.

Basically I just like making real music from the heart. I even produce music for a few famous Youtubers you might know such as Casey Neistat:

People ask me all the time what’s the best way to learn Freestyle Football… All you gotta do is check out my bro Learn2Freestyle he has an amazing channel full of freestyle football tutorials:

So yeah, enjoy my videos and my channel and don’t forget to click SUBSCRIBE if you wanna be a part of the journey!! The best place to stay up to date with all my trainings, travels and competitions is Instagram. My username is @DanielDennehy feel free to hit me up and drop a comment.

Much love, keep following your dreams and stay positive!!! ❤

If you’d like to hire me as a freestyle footballer for any event please contact my booking agency, World Class Freestyle.

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